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Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Childproofing

Happy Wordless Wednesday! I have always loved this picture, and just found it on a tin sign. I am so so going to get this haha… This is totally me! If you get a chance, check out my other Wordless Wednesday Posts! Do you have a Wordless Wednesday Post?  

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Baby Jack Giggles

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   Yes, I know it’s only Tuesday… but I put this up early so that you can be at the top of the linky, you’re welcome 🙂I happen to have some really awesome close-up pictures of a big huge creepy spider that we found on our porch a few days ago…  but […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky

Happy Wordless Wednesday! As you probably know, we went to Florida last month. We left as a family and came back only half of a family. Sounds weird… let me explain…We left with 5 of our kids. Got to Florida and then spent a week of vacation with them all. After that week was over, […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Happy 1st Birthday to My Baby Jack!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! As you know, we’ve been on vacation the past two weeks traveling from Illinois down to Florida, and back up again. On the way down and back up, we stopped a few times at different places and I’m looking forward to writing all the reviews to share the great time we had. […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Best Kid Book

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   Of course it’s never completely wordless though.   I wanted to share this adorable book with all of you.   “I Like Myself” – by Karen Beaumont   Jack was invited into a study for the past 12 weeks. Twice a week, Mrs. Paula would come over and he would participate […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | If We Could See Inside Others’ Hearts

Happy Wordless Wednesday! I saw this video this past week and I only made it a few seconds before I started tearing, it’s really a great message that everyone should watch. No matter how people look on the outside, you never know what’s going on in their life or how they feel on the inside.If […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Instagram

Happy Wordless Wednesday!Well… I can’t guarentee it will be wordless, so let’s just make it “Happy Wednesday” where I get to share my pictures for the week.This week I am going to share some of my Instagram pictures from the past week.I don’t think this one needs any explanation:   And here are some others […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky #WW

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   My son, Austin, is driving. So hard to believe.   I have been looking forward to my kids getting to this driving age, but now that it’s here… it’s scary!       If you have been a reader here for a while, you may have read about my experience with […]

Wordless Wednesday: Cake Pops Recipe! (w/Linky!) #WW

It’s Wordless Wednesday!   But like usual… this probably won’t be wordless.   CAKE POPS!   I’ve been playing around with Cake Pops and trying to master it.     I’ve tried only twice so far… but I think I am getting the hang of this.This is How I Made Cake Pops: I baked a […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky | Fun Weekend

Happy Wordless Wednesday!We had a busy weekend and shot lots of photos and since it’s Wordless Wednesday… I willl share.Here’s a few of us. I wanted a “good one” of us but Mike couldn’t stop screwing around: I did finally get a few though:        Here’s a few of the kids in the Joovy:   […]

Wordless Wednesday with Linky: Daddy and Baby Jack

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   I went to one of the museums in Chicago last weekend (look for the review soon).   I was really thankful, Daddy wanted to wear Baby Jack so luckily I did not end up with a back ache from lugging him around all day. I don’t know why I get one, […]

Wordless Wednesday w/LINKY: A Little Humor

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   I come across these funny comments and if they are pinn-able then I pin (or re-pin) them. But if they are posted somplace like Facebook, I save them to my computer.   I thought I’d share them – if you haven’t already seen them…   Can I get an ‘Amen’ out […]

Wordless Wednesday w/Linky: Sorry Barbie!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   I went into our bathroom last night to get ready for bed… the shower curtain was open because Mike had just given Gracie a bath. This is what I saw… Poor Barbie was almost sucked down the drain. Her hair was anyway. I kinda felt bad. She’s staring up at me. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Snowless Winter in Chicagoland (LINKY)

Happy Wordless Wednesday!   I hope you’re all having a good week.   Here in Chicagoland we have had a strange winter. A winter with no snow. Can you believe that?!? Well this past weekend we finally got a little dusting. Gracie got a cool sled from her grandparents but we have not been able […]

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